1807, 2022

It’s Official: The Exact Match Conference Is Happening!

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The PPC Club 83 community, over the last few years, has become such a wonderful space, with such constant conversations of high-quality, trusted people that we just enjoy discussing PPC & non-PPC issues as well as our weekly Alcohol & Advertising, that… We decided to have a conference! And to go all out: in an exotic location for maximal focus and a wonderful experience.

1301, 2022

Why YouTube Ad Placements Are Worth It

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Given the myriad options available to promote your company via video ads, it can get a little overwhelming to pick out the best site to suit your needs. However, YouTube placements are quite effective considering how popular they’ve grown lately.

2112, 2021

Why Ad Load Matters On Streaming Services

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While it’s tempting to feature your video ads multiple times on streaming sites and other platforms, this strategy can often do more harm than good. There are ways in which you can maximize your visibility without compromising your brand image.

1911, 2021

How To Improve Viewability Of Your Video Ads

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It’s difficult enough to craft video ads to promote your business without the added burden of improving viewability as well. There are many factors that you’d need to bear in mind when creating such ads which could influence how well they fare in the eyes of audiences online. It can take up […]

311, 2021

Why Ad-Supported Video Platforms Are Successful

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No one really enjoys going on a video platform such as YouTube and being bombarded with ads. Nothing screams, ‘look we’re making money off your boredom!’ like an ad that’s featured bang in the middle or at the start of your video. I mean honestly, some of us just want to watch […]

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