1208, 2021

What’s The Right Balance Between Static Ads And Video Ads?

By |August 12, 2021|Categories: Video Ads|0 Comments

With an increasing number of people spending hours upon hours every day on the internet, it’s no surprise that Display Ads and Video Ads are viewed more than they were before. Everything from clothing brand websites to entertainment streaming services relies on such ads to bring in revenue each year. The reason […]

1108, 2021

How Long Should Video Ads Last?

By |August 11, 2021|Categories: Video Ads|0 Comments

Video ads are the latest in a long line of advertising mediums used by Google and Facebook. Remember when Display Ads in the form of images with one or two lines of written content were all the rage? Sure you do, it wasn’t that long ago after all. However, platforms such as […]

1207, 2021

When Video Ads Interrupt Your Videos

By |July 12, 2021|Categories: Video Ads|0 Comments

Remember the times when we could watch long videos on the internet without being interrupted by ads in between? Yeah, me neither. Nowadays, if you try watching a video on Youtube that’s more than a few minutes long, you’d be lucky to make it to the end without at least one video […]

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