Oh, you can—go right ahead! We love testing and test it out. However, I will share with you the results of your tests in advance: Ours are more comprehensive and likely on-target because:

  • We don’t only suggest “similar sites” but also very dis-similar sites that attract your target market!
  • Similar sites, alone, are often very misleading. There may be a pickup truck forum, but perhaps it’s the low-end forum, when you only sell high-end pickup trucks?
  • Our machine learning and AI that sites on top of the lists allows more sophisticated results.
  • Any site or platform you would get this list from, has these lists as just one minor part of their functionality. But this is the core of what we do, not a minor side option, so we obsess over perfecting the results in a way that they didn’t.
  • Our world-class customer service. We even hate the phrase “customer service” because we don’t just want “customers” but “partners” on a mission together, in which you want amazingly effective display campaigns, and we want to work side by side in the trenches with you to make that happen.