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Frequently Asked Questions2020-10-25T11:49:51-04:00
Why the name Hellbent?2020-10-25T11:55:33-04:00

Because we are hell-bent focused on making sure your display campaigns are awesome.

Oh and also because we think our smiley, optimistic personalities provide a great contrast with the image of ‘hell’, and also the straight parallel lines of the double-l in ‘hell’ provide a great contrast with the ‘bend’ imagery of ‘bent.’

For non-native English speakers, ‘hellbent’ is an informal word, probably old-school slang, that means obsessively focused on something: literally, you are willing to bend hell itself to make it happen.

How do you improve display campaign performance?2020-10-25T11:55:12-04:00

Our vision is ambitious: to fix Display campaigns. As anyone who has been running a serious PPC campaign knows, the Google Display network is broken. Partially through fraud, partially through negligence, partially because it’s the nature of an arms’ race with spammers.

We are using various methods to make your display campaigns work, and our first one is to focus on giving you the right, on-target placements to put your ads onto. That alone should eliminate the bottom 80% of spam sites that just suck up clicks without delivering human (much less targeted) traffic.

How does your algorithm work?2020-10-25T11:54:57-04:00

Parts of it we can be open about, and parts we can’t. Here is what we can say: we crawl the web and use machine learning technologies on top of the page data; we then integrate with a myriad of tools (including SEM Rush as an example we can talk about). All of that taken together, is the high level view of our secret sauce. And if we dived into the low-levels, then the sauce wouldn’t be that secret, right?

What features are you planning on adding to your product?2020-10-25T11:54:43-04:00

We’re very public about our vision and direction, so check out the list on the front page! At first, we’re launching with the basic version to see how helpful it is and get more outside feedback and tweak it; in the meantime, we’re building the technology for our more advanced plans.

Why do you provide screenshots for some sites (but not all)? Why do you even provide screenshots at all?2020-10-25T11:54:24-04:00

We provide screenshots because, while algorithms are good at detecting fake, spammy websites that no real human uses, you know who is great at detecting those sites, even better than machines are? You! You see one of those sketchy sites and you know it’s not sending you real traffic. We’re giving you screenshots as another level for you to very easily, by scanning a list, know if a site is likely real or not. In other words, it’s a double-check on our algorithm.

Why don’t you provide results in real-time, but make me wait about ten minutes for it?2020-10-25T11:54:08-04:00

Because our machine learning & AI technology takes time to work it’s magic! The year is 2022, not 2092! In other words, we’re working on making our technology faster, but that’s a secondary priority for us behind both improving the core technology and building out other key features.

Why can’t I just use the “Similar Sites” functionality on some other platforms?2020-10-25T11:53:53-04:00

Oh, you can—go right ahead! We love testing and test it out. However, I will share with you the results of your tests in advance: Ours are more comprehensive and likely on-target because:

  • We don’t only suggest “similar sites” but also very dis-similar sites that attract your target market!
  • Similar sites, alone, are often very misleading. There may be a pickup truck forum, but perhaps it’s the low-end forum, when you only sell high-end pickup trucks?
  • Our machine learning and AI that sites on top of the lists allows more sophisticated results.
  • Any site or platform you would get this list from, has these lists as just one minor part of their functionality. But this is the core of what we do, not a minor side option, so we obsess over perfecting the results in a way that they didn’t.
  • Our world-class customer service. We even hate the phrase “customer service” because we don’t just want “customers” but “partners” on a mission together, in which you want amazingly effective display campaigns, and we want to work side by side in the trenches with you to make that happen.
Do you have an affiliate program?2020-10-25T11:53:37-04:00

Yes, and one with substantial affiliate fees and payouts (one of our partners is a former affiliate marketer and understand that good payouts and structures make a world of difference) — but it’s not launched yet. If you have clients to recommend and are ready, just contact us and we’ll make it happen.

Do you do anything related to Search?2020-10-25T11:52:55-04:00

No. Our focus is 100% Display.

Do you only work on top of the Google Display Network (GDN)?2020-10-25T11:51:44-04:00

For now, yes. Eventually, we hope to integrate with other platforms, as well.

And, of course, we’re obsessed with making the perfect Youtube video & channel placement platform for you.

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