What, just what, is all
this fuss about?

In short: The Google Display campaign has been the bane of any online marketing who uses Adwords’ existence, for years now.

Let’s be blunt: most traffic from it is garbage. Between fraud, low-quality targeting, sites designed so people click their ads accidentally–it’s hard to make them profitable.

We are dedicated to solving that problem, and making your display campaigns work.

How? Read on, read on, young person!

Our starting insight was to start with a whitelist that is generated based on machine learning & AI (big words, we know!) systems to give you sites that likely work better than the Google display campaigns’ recommended sites.

And from there, with a slew of filters, data, and controls, you can narrow down lists to suit your needs perfectly.

Want to know more? Just read the site, or chat with us. We love talking to anyone who is excited about our mission.